When Should You See a Chiropractor?

If one experiences back pain for a long time it is appropriate that he visits the Chiropractor in addition to his backache specialist. The treatment of Chiropractors has been known to give good results.

Lower back pain is a painful ailment. Some feel the pain for a few days and then the pain recedes. But in some cases, the pain continues for a long time and could even be severe.

Causes for Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain could occur due to various reasons like poor sitting posture, sleeping on an uneven mattress, stress, lifting of heavy weight, injury to spine due to accident or mental fatigue etc. When the back pain is experienced, it causes stiffness, muscular spasms, burning sensations in the legs and some times even in the lower back.

There are no known medicines which cures the back pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed in addition to exercises. In some cases, surgery is also suggested.

What is Chiropractor?

Chiropractor is an alternative health care system which works on the hypothesis that the disorder of the spine affects the general health of the patient sooner or later. This is an alternative and complementary system of treatment with special emphasis to spine. There are two methods of treatment and they are manual therapy and spinal manipulation. Chiropractor also prescribes exercise and counseling.

Although this system of medicine was initially resisted by the medical fraternity, it has now been accepted as an alternative system of medicine and now this is a well established system of alternative treatment in US, Canada and Australia.

Depending on the gravity, the Chiropractor may suggest for an X ray or other investigations and then decide on the line of treatment. If the pain is continuous or increases day by day, the Chiropractor may go in for a treatment called ‘spine manipulation‘.

Spine manipulation

Normally, even little movement of the spine would cause pain of the lower back. But Chiropractor uses a technique called spine manipulation to alleviate the pain. This is based on the concept that restricted movement of the spine is the reason for the pain due to the fact that the spine has reduced its function. In the spine manipulation technique, the chiropractor uses his hands in a controlled manner and applies sudden force to a joint and pushes the joint beyond its normal range of motion. Some times, the movement is followed by a popping or cracking sound. This sound is caused because of the change of the position of the joint.

Chiropractic is a safe method of treatment particularly for backache. Normally the help of Chiropractor is taken in addition to the normal treatment like anti inflammatory medicines etc.